I love the play Fiddler of the Roof. It was a great play about a working class man fighting to hold on to the simplicity and traditions of his faith and family.  I can understand Tevye’s frustration. Today, traditions can be hard to come by. Dinners around a table seem more fitting on a print from Norman Rockwell than in the typical average home. So, I have a proposal for you this New Year.

Set a tradition…anything.  Get your family together and have a meeting and decide on a few things that are sacred.  Make them yours and make a tradition.

If you are stumped here are a few ideas…

– Family Reading night (everyone grab a book and crowd into the Living Room and TURN OFF THE TV)

– Enjoy dinner as a family around a table at least once a week and TALK.

– Participate in the scripture memory plan together…quiz each other randomly.

– Make up your own…but do it together.


One Comment on “Traditions

  1. Another good Scripture idea for family time (with older kids): Have everyone select their own 5 or so verses to read to the family and then tell everyone what it means to them. They don’t have to memorize and it’s a easy way to get them started in the habit of being in the Word.

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