Connection Groups


To see everyone from the core of our church to the surrounding communities, connected and doing life together, in a small group


At JIBC we want our Connection Groups to exist for the purpose of: 1) Leading people to Christ through membership and baptism; 2) Growing people to spiritual maturity; 3) Equipping people with the skills they need for ministry; 4) Enlisting people to the mission of sharing Christ to others in the community; 5) Worshipping God and magnifying His name.

How can you better “connect” with God and through God with others? You can join a Sunday morning group and/or a weekday Connection group. All the members of our Sunday morning and weekday groups are “connecting” with each other and with God by growing in the encouragement and discipline of His Word and in the encouragement of others in the group to live life the way God has planned for you!  Look at the list of groups available and fill out the form below to request more information.


Sunday Morning Connection Groups

  • Jan Cooper, Co-ed Adults
  • Charles Oliver, Co-ed Adults
  • Dean Kelly, Co-ed Adults
  • Janie Brown, Co-ed Adults
  • Jodi Harter, Ladies
  • Chris Rogers, Men
  • Rose Haselden, Ladies-Empty Nesters
  • Fred Roark, Senior Adults
  • Barbara Garrett, Senior Adult Ladies
  • Youth Connection Groups
  • Children Connection Groups
  • Preschool Connection Groups


Weekday Connection Groups

  • Prayer Connections, Sundays PM, JIBC, All Adults
  • Ronnie & Jan Cooper, Tuesdays PM, James Island, Over 50 Singles and Couples
  • Marty Clark, Wednesdays 8:00 PM, Varsity Room at the church, College and young singles (every 3rd Wednesday we go away and do something fun).  Facebook page for more info
  • Audra Rheaume, Sundays PM, James Island, Ladies of all ages
  • Allen & Judy Knapp, 1st & 3rd Tuesday PM, The Village, Mid-aged, Empty Nesters
  • Susan Warren, Mondays PM, James Island, Ladies
  • Rhett Harter, Tuesdays PM, James Island, Young Couples, Singles
  • David & Nancy Miller, Mondays PM, James Island, Couples and Singles, all ages
  • Sean & Audra Rheaume, Mondays PM, James Island, young married


The Church at Riverland Terrace

Sean Rheaume

Family Pastor at James Island Baptist Church