Galatians: Grace and Freedom

Galatians: Grace and Freedom

Listen:  Week 1     Sermon Notes:   030214_The Real Gospel_Its Worth Fighting For

Listen:  Week 2     Sermon Notes:   030914_The Real Gospel_Theres More to the Story

Listen:  Week 3     Sermon Notes:  031614_The Real Gospel_Everyone Has a Role

Listen:  Week 4     Sermon Notes:   032314_Really…Go Back…I don’t think so…I don’t think so!

Listen:  Week 5    Sermon Notes:   033014_Losing Focus and Regaining It

Listen:  Week 6     Sermon Notes:  040614_Heir Line Fracture

Listen:  Week 7     Sermon Notes:  042714_Keeping what is valuable

Listen:  Week 8     Sermon Notes:  050414_The Choices We Make

Listen:  Week 9     Sermon Notes:  051114_Living at the Highest Level

Listen:  Week 10    Sermon Notes:  051814_Everyone Messes Up_Everyone Needs Help

Listen:  Week 11    Sermon Notes:  052514_Radial Selflessness

Listen:  Week 12    Sermon Notes:  060114_Keep it Real_Keep it Simple




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Sean Rheaume

Family Pastor at James Island Baptist Church

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