Life Hurts God Heals

Let’s face it, sometime LIFE HURTS and we get caught up in the habits that are hard to break. If you are dealing with pain (who isn’t?) including: addictions, eating disorders, abuse, pornography, drinking, cutting, etc., then Life Hurts God Heals is for you. Hundred of students have gone through this and many lives were changed.

To learn more about how to get involved in the Life Hurts God Heals program at JIBC, contact Sean Rheaume at 843-762-0244 X16 or via email at

What is Life Hurts God Heals?

Life Hurts God Heals (LHGH) is a 13-week program for youth ages 12 – 18 who have experienced pain or addiction including: drinking, cutting, pornography, eating disorders, troubled family dynamics, etc.

If you are familiar with 12-step programs (i.e. Alcoholics Anonymous, Overeaters Anonymous, etc.) then you understand the basic structure for Life Hurts God Heals. However, Life Hurts God Heals is an 8-step group targeted specifically for students in middle school and High School, and is based on the beatitudes from the Bible. This curriculum provides life-long tools for students dealing with unresolved hurt and pain. It was written by John Baker, Doug Fields and Megan Hutchinson as a result of seeing the unmet pain of students in their youth ministry at Saddleback Church.

8 Steps of Life Hurts God Heals that Could Change Your Life!

Step 1: Get Help

I admit that I am powerless and that I need help. Happy are those who know they are spiritually poor. (Matthew 5:3)

Step 2: Open Your Heart

I now know that God exists, that I matter to Him, and that He is the only One who has the power to heal my pain. Happy are those who mourn. God will comfort them. (Matthew 5:4)

Step 3: Depend on Christ

I realize that I need to turn my life over to Christ. I need to depend on Him in all reas of my life, including all that I say, think and do. Happy are the humble. (Matthew 5:5)

Step 4: Hear and Speak

I agree to evaluate my life and confess my faults to myself, to God, and to someone whom I trust. Happy are the pure in heart. (Matthew 5:8)

Step 5: Embrace God’s Way

I will stop doing things my way and put my life on the path that leads toward God’s way. Happy are those whose greatest desire is to do what God requires. (Matthew 5:6)

Step 6: Ask for Forgiveness

I will offer forgiveness to those who have hurt me, and I will ask for forgiveness for any wrong I’ve done to others. Happy are the merciful. Happy are the peacemakers. (Matthew 5:7,9)

Step 7: Live for God

I will set aside some time for God each day to examine my life, read my Bible, and pray so that I have the power to live God’s way. Happy are those who know they are spiritually poor. (Matthew 5:3)

Step 8: Share with Others

I will take the message that God heals to others in need and share it by my words and actions. Happy are those who are persecuted because they do what God requires. (Matthew 5:10)


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Sean Rheaume

Family Pastor at James Island Baptist Church