Marty Bio

Marty Clark, Worship Pastor

I was born and raised in Dillon, SC and moved to Charleston in 2010 to attend Charleston Southern University.  I graduated from CSU in 2014 with a BA in Music and Worship Leadership, and I am a member of the Pi Kappa Lamda National Music Honor Society.  My greatest passions are to worship God in all I do and to magnify Him so that others will see His glory and worship Him, too.

Family:  I am the youngest of two sons born to Michael Clark, a contractor, and Pamela Braswell, a 5th grade techer.  My brother, Justin, is 13 months older than me is sometimes thought to be my twin.  Justin and his wife, Sasha, live with my dad and me in Ladson, SC.  My mom and stepdad are back in Dillon along with my dear grandparents and many other close relatives who will wish their names were included in this bio.


Greatest Influences: 

I have been influenced and taught by too many people to name, but I guess one of my primary influences of late has been Dr. Allen Hendricks who taught me at CSU every day for 4 years.

I have been most greatly influenced by what I have read and by the struggles I’ve been through.  God has taught me my most valuable lessons through trials and suffering.

My musical influence are wide and diverse.  I grew up on rock and heavy metal, fell in love witht the Seattle grunge scene in my teenage years, and really got into jazz, funk, and classical through high school and college.


Favorite Books:

I am first and foremost, a Bible-enthusiast.  My Bibles are some of my greatest treasures, and I long for everyone to own and love a Bible like I do.  I donate the proceeds of my original music to Wycliffe Bible Translators for the translation of Scripture into various languages for people around the world.

I also love reading books about theology.  This is part of my daily routine, and you will never catch me not in the middle of some book.  My favorires are: The Pursuit of God and almost anyting else by A. W. Tozer; C.S. Lewis’ non-fiction, especially Mere Christianity; John Stott’s Basic Christianity; Andrew Murray’s Humilityand The True Vine; Kyle Idelman’s Not a Fan; Paul Washer’s Ten Indictments Against the Modern Church; Paul Wadell’s Becoming Friends; and many more.  I love to read!

Also, I love Mary Shelley’s Frankenstein, as well as some of the works of Emerson, Thoreau, Poe, and Dr. Seuss.


Favorite Music/Musician:  I am into all sorts of music.  My favorite Christian artist is Matt Papa.  I also like Fee, Gungor, Phil Wickman, Sovereign Grace Music, Flyleaf, Demon Hunter, and many others.  Favorite non-Christian artists include Pearl Jam, Alice in Chains, Radiohead, mewithoutYou, Incubus, and more.


Relaxation:    Believe it or not,I am almost always relaxed, but some things that make me extra chill are the ocean, chocolate, singing, reading, praying, watching movies, and just talking with friends.


The Church at Riverland Terrace

Sean Rheaume

Family Pastor at James Island Baptist Church