Pastor Tom Bio

Janie and I have been at The Church at Riverland Terrace, James Island Baptist, since September of 1985.

Family:  I was born here in Charleston and married my high school sweetheart, Janie Hines.  We were married in 1975 and have three grown and married children.  They have had the privilege of being the parents to our 8 grandchildren!  Our son Bryon is a Physicians Assistant, Brook is a Massage Therapist and busy mother, and Erin is a delivery nurse for Roper Hospital.  Interestingly, that is what my mother did!

Greatest Influences: 

Janie and I were nurtured in disclipleship by the Pastor and his wife of our teenage years, Pastor David and Patricia Wooten, who taught us a love for missions.

We have had the privilege of traveling to China, Romania, Israel, and many other places around God’s beautiful world.

The primary influence in my life has been my Friday morning Pastors’ group.  We have been meeting every Friday for over 20 years in our mentoring peer learning group.  Together, we study, pray, share problems, resources, travel, attend learning conferences, play…just enjoy doing life together.

I also believe everything God has done in and through Rick Warren, Pastor of Saddleback Community Church has greatly influenced my role as pastor of a local church driven by God’s purposes.

Favorite Books:

Anything by Dallas Willard and C.S. Lewis.

One recent read I recommend is by Timothy Keller, The Reason for God.  

The single most influential study of my life would be Experiencing God by Henry Blackaby.

Favorite Music/Musician:  I listen to a wide variety of music.

Contemporary Christian favorites include Mercy Me and just about anything leading the body of Christ to worship.

I enjoy James Taylor, Stevie Ray Vaughn, oldies and Gloria Estefan.

Relaxation:    During those years, we have developed a real love for James Island and Charleston and the wonderful people here.

Janie and I enjoy cruising the lowcountry on our Kawasaki Mean Streak.  I love art and could easily lose myself for hours in art galleries.  A perfect day for me would be a long ride on the motorcycle to visit an art gallery, have a relaxing lunch with Janie and a ride home.

I also am a Disney World Fan!  I often say, ” I have been to Disney World more than anyone ever has a right to go.  If I never went again, it would be OK and if I packed up to go today, I would be as excited as any kid could possibly be.”  I have almost as much fun helping friends plan their Disney trips as I do going myself…almost!


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