Soul Training: The Good and Beautiful Life

Soul Training:  The Good and Beautiful Life

Listen:  Week 1     Sermon Notes:  070614_Everyone Wants To Be Happy

Listen:  Week 2     Sermon Notes:  071314_The Gospel of Now

Listen:  Week 3     Sermon Notes:  072014_Everyone’s Invited to the Party

Listen:  Week 4     Sermon Notes:  072714_Anger_Control It or Be Controlled

Listen:  Week 5     Sermon Notes:  080314_Learning to Live without Lust

Listen:  Week 6     Sermon Notes:  081014_How to Live Without Lying

Listen:  Week 7     Sermon Notes:  081714_Living Without Worry

Listen:  Week 8     Sermon Notes:  082414_Learning to Live Without Judging Others

Listen:  Week 8     Sermon Notes:  083114_Living the Good and Beautiful Life Everyday




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The Church at Riverland Terrace

Sean Rheaume

Family Pastor at James Island Baptist Church

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